Faith: nil

Sometimes I question my knowledge of You Lord
I often have loaded enquires
And some moments when I think I’m sure
I confidently question my confidence
And my faith
Faith… a huge phenomenon
One that I don’t think I’ve fully mastered
I don’t want my human nature to be dominant
Since I’m Yours I don’t want to have any control
Because I don’t trust myself with Your vessel
I don’t want my will
I just wish You’d keep it.
Like the Israelites, I criticize ever so often
You’ve led me away from captivity
Fed me with Manna and Quail
Still I’ll complain
And question the power of even Your Name
Like Peter I’ll take a few steps afloat on the water
Then end up soaked to the neck reaching out again for your arms outstretched


It has been a while since I’ve published anything…waaayyy too long, so I’ve headed to the archives… so let’s see if I can roll out a mini marathon. This piece was written more than a year ago, the journey has been amazing… so Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments. I really value the feedbacks. ENJOY!


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