I’m still trying to figure out if I want to publish this piece. But if you’re reading this then let’s see how long it’s up for lol. Being vulnerable seems to be consenting to hurt. Especially with strangers who are mean, people who are woefully judgemental, people who pretend to care, people who you let too close, people who intentionally set out to hurt you and those you know will hurt you.

Life’s a …..


Having been hurt,
Being vulnerable translates to: consenting to be hurt.
Having been hurt,
Each conscious step is calculated.
Each move subconsciously triggered by the pain from the memories.
Having been hurt,
I am constantly just a small child
Afraid of crossing the street.

Having been hurt,
Everything you say without an explanation is penetrated:
Tone, diction, timing.
Having been hurt,
Trusting too much is off the scale
And a single lie is one too many.
Having been hurt,
I pray each day that you won’t be like the others.
Having been hurt,
Blocking it all out again seems quite logical.

I don’t want to deal with it.

So make no attempts to hurt me.

I’ve had enough, really.

Don’t remind me of what it feels like.

If you intend to, please leave

Just go

And let me be.




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