Grey_A Resolve and Commentary

A resolve:

We all desire to become better than our current state

Whether towards Godly holiness or model wholesome natures.

Each day, we make numerous decisions

From the simplest ‘involuntary’ resolves

To life altering choices.

We unknowingly takes sides:

dark, dark-grey, white-grey, white

Shaped by decisions of our past

Decisions made by ourselves,

Decisions made by those we trusted or loved.

We choose colors based on our current personal state

Even so, preempted by

Who we want to be,

who we think we are,

who we once were

Towards Godly holiness or model wholeness

But ultimately as we improve and progress, we trod closer to the light.


Dark, light or a bit of both?

We can argue about never mixing light and darkness

While also arguing that “We are just humans; never perfect.”

Statements I’ve grown to resent

Never having embraced their constant use.

Too often dabbled in as an excuse to be unoriginal, staying the same, growthless

and normal (sooooooo overrated!)

But one may opt to view life as finding the touchdown…

On the opposite end of the spectrum…

Away from the darkness…

Through war zones of grey.

So maybe,

Just maybe,

This may be why seeing the rumored white light at the end remains prevalent.


I have read and listened to sooooo much feedback and engaged in so much conversations about the meaning of the previous ‘Grey Lines’ trilogy. The perspectives have been so vastly different, yet paradoxically similar, despite the basis of the view points. I wish I could transcribe all the conversations, but I have thoroughly enjoyed them. Thanks for reading and providing so much feedback from all over the world! Keep ’em coming! Its all much appreciated! Thank You!


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  1. Thank you! All the best for the journey.


  2. I desire to be more than normal, more than growthless. Thanks for sharing. May the Lord bless you

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