Grey Lines III _Transitioning


Where do I draw the line in the sand?

Complete darkness

Shades of grey

Complete light

Complete darkness: certainly not an option

Complete light: seems unattainable but #goals nonetheless

So, grey :

  • “of a color intermediate between black and white”
  • a neutral or achromatic: literally a color without a color”
  • “a cloud covered sky”

A cloud covered sky: clouds attempting to sprinkle ‘light’ with much of what seems white

So too our fickle beings, like clouds

Whose formation accelerates with an eerie phenomenon.

Upon minute particles,specks of impurities,

Where water vapor builds its condensates

An enthralling occurrence.

The nuclei, a catalyst, an impurity…

So too are our thoughts:

Light bulb moments built from a single thought

Originating from the unknowns

Then layered with fluff: good intentions.

So the mind becomes cloud covered skies:

Once blue skies now filled with what seems white

And through my eyes, seems white… seems right.

Neglecting that they now block full view of the Sun.

Yet the most powerful realization:

The Sun never dims its light

All other things must simply adjust to acknowledge its presence

Much like The Son,




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