Unspoken words


Too often

I am reluctant to say how I really feel


About situations, friends, conversations, senarios

Whether the good, the bad, or the ugly

Feelings suppressed: to consider the other party’s own feelings

or maybe my own in the end

Half truths really… deception.

I gather that I am socially awkward;

I’ve had years of practice

I am slowly moving away from that shadow

But it may continue to follow me around

Until the fear dissipates and boldness stand its ground

Until I overthink less and quit the procrastination

Until it becomes a habit and is no longer awkward

Then there will continue to be tonnes of

Words unspoken.





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  1. paminat0r says:

    For me, it depends on the situation. If it’s one person, I often say something in hopes of helping the other person be comfortable and feel acknowledged. If it’s a large group, my senses overload with the noise and movement. I tend to look for a quiet corner to get some peace. 🙂 https://gracelead.co

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  2. StacyS... says:

    I struggle with the same thing. I’ve learned sometimes it is better to leave things unspoken, but there are times I should’ve said something and did not. It is hard to find that balance!

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    1. True, it is definitely a challenge to find a balance in most cases

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  3. KuminKueche says:

    Writing is always the best way to express our feelings, when we can’t say it out loud!! Keep on writing..

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  4. Tammy Dunlap says:

    Dear C2B, this is an off the wall thought, but it may be less that you are socially awkward, and more that you are assessing yourself with a group that is not a good fit. I suspect that there exist individuals that you would “fit” with SPLENDIDLY !! In the meantime, you have God in Christ, and you have your blog and blogging sisters! This is the BEST mix!! Enjoy the journey.

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    1. Thank you so much! That is certainly an interesting perspective! It would certainly be great to find equally interesting thinkers like myself. In the interim I do have an awesome group of friends that I wouldn’t trade for anyone. But I think I’ve also found a lot of blogging sisters who think and write just as I do. And of course God! I’m certainly blessed with BEST Mix! Thank you Tammy!


  5. annaemeyer says:

    When you can’t say things out loud….writing always helps. At least it makes me feel better. Even if, you know, the other party doesn’t read it……..


    1. It certainly does make me feel better as well. Sometimes it’s the only thing that does help. It great knowing there are others with similar experiences, writing it down with raw emotions just transfers all the tension via the pencil to the paper. Thanks for reading.😊

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