I’m still trying to figure out if I want to publish this piece. But if you’re reading this then let’s see how long it’s up for lol. Being vulnerable seems to be consenting to hurt. Especially with strangers who are mean, people who are woefully judgemental, people who pretend to care, people who you let…

An Overthinker’s Chronicles

A purely innocent thought… A genuine concern… Everyday issues… A general thought on a single matter; A simple matter Then without realising In Less than a micro second later, I realize An entire crescendo of thoughts had already been fargone; Vanished through the cracks The birth of a complex. But clearly it’s too late There’s…

Giving All or Nothing

To feel Not just wanted But needed. To be reminded Before forgetting. To receive Without reasons. To be loved Without doubts or conditions; To hear it Without asking; To know it Regardless of fickle feels. To trust Without questioning. To give my heart Without fear. To give unreservedly Without regret. To be happy Without conditions….

Without The Add-ons

I think it’s funny how I used to be so unhappy about not fitting in… Now I am embracing everything that makes me not like everyone else… And I’m pretty awesome😊, Being just me, Without the add-ons. C2B


Beyond mere decorative markings on an empty expanse, Stands the compilation of letters: Strategically marshalled into words: crooked, jagged, horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Words with their individuality: Sane, multipolar, subtle, cultured, independent and clingy. Words capable of forming phrases to perpetuate the embodiment of devices; meant for scrutiny by not just the literate: Sounds, memories,…

The Stars Are My Therapists

Sometimes the reality of life overwhelms me… So I search for the stars: They seem to have all the answers. They send forth millions of comfort lights Illuminating the night skies As a light house for a wandering soul They provide beautiful art for stimulative gazings; Having strangers constantly dumbstruck by their beauty… A work…

A Fear of Trusting

A fear of trusting As trusting means Being recklessly vulnerable; Too open To being hurt Or Did we merely become accustomed To the flawed nature of human beings That hurt Seems Inevitable. C2B